4 important questions to ask when considering WordPress

WordPress QuestionsFor over a year now, WordPress has been the chosen website publishing tool for me.  Why?  Why Not… It can do anything that I need it to.  The simple fact that WordPress can be a blog, newspaper, pinboard, video screen, live broadcasting CMS or an “iPad-Like” front door to a Multi-Word-Pressed Educational Universe serves as a great starting point for any educator, school, or district.

WordPress comes in two varieties, these being WordPress.com and WordPress.org. Where there are suddle differences between the two, the core functionality remains the same.  Wordpress.com is a blogging platform.  It is a free service that would fit any educator looking to create an online presence or start a simple class website.  It offers a variety of themes, (both free and paid) and in almost no time, a user can create a free account and be up and running with their very on online blog.

For educators who want to kick things up a notch, or for school districts looking for a dynamic content management system, WordPress.org is the place to be on the internet. Don't believe me… just ask the more than 60 Million websites online today using the WordPress platform.

Why Should a School System Adopt WordPress?

Educational institutions around the globe are quickly adopting WordPress as their Content Management System.  Basically, WordPress isn't just a website builder, it's a fully functional database.  Through a combination of Pages and Posts, users can create any type of website, big or small, to their liking.  It all boils down to just 4 simple components: Header, Menu, Content Area, Sidebar

  • Header: The top graphic design on any website
  • Menu: The buttons just under or above the header that provide navigation
  • Content Area: This could be a fixed page of content, or a series of blog posts listed in reverse chronological order
  • Sidebar: A customizable area on either the left or right (sometimes both) on a website that holds a websites “widgets”

It is through these four simple areas of a WordPress website where simple folk as well as professional graphic designers create their websites.

Can anyone create a website using WordPress?

Simple answer is YES!  Both WordPress.com and WordPress.org offer a quick solution for users searching for themes and plugins.  This makes WordPress very attractive for new users as well as talented webmasters to come up with something appealing and eye catching for their users.

Does WordPress Play Nice with Search Engines?

YES! WordPress is one of the most trusted website tools on the planet.  Therefor, it is trusted by Google and all of the other big time search engines.  With over 60 Million WordPress sites and growing, how could Search Engines look away.

Will WordPress help me gain Social Media Followers?

YES! Through a combination of plugins, and a little bit of SEO homework, you can create a website that works FOR YOU.  No more will you have to actively search out for those hard earned Twitter followers and Facebook Likes… a WordpPress website can create dynamic content that is pushed to your users and community while you are sleeping.

As you can see, there are plenty of things you can do with WordPress.  To date, I have created more than 20 WordPress sites as part of the TeacherCast family.  For more information, please check out these links below or contact me with any questions or concerns.

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