Learn how to use Doctopus and Goobric to speed up your Google Classrooms by @TeachNV

Teachers Do Heavy Lifting:

Being a teacher can be back-breaking work. Picture yourself carrying three canvas totes full of student journals, a briefcase containing ungraded essays and quizzes, your lesson plan book, and the countless other stuff you carry along each day in and out of your classroom. By the time you reach your car, if you haven’t already scattered half of the contents your carrying on the asphalt between the school exit and your car door, you've probably dumped it onto your car seat, sighing with both relief and anxiety, knowing well that any semblance of weekend enjoyment will be cut short by the thought of the pile of grading that awaits you.


Working Smarter, Not Harder:

The above scenario is one many teachers are used to. However, 21st century teachers can make a change. Cut to near future: the bell rings, and you amble gayly towards your car with nothing more than your personal effects, skipping slightly at the lightened load you bear. But how can this be? How were you able to shed the weight of all that paper? The answer is simple. You smartened up and started working smarter by using Google’s free Add-On tools, Doctopus and Goobric.


Pumping Digital Iron:

Flex those brain muscles by allowing Google Add-Ons to easily organize and grade student work in Google Drive. All you need to gather in advance is a roster complete with students’ first and last names and email addresses, and you can begin pumping out one assignment after another with Doctopus. This amazing Add-On allows teachers to push folders of varying sharing permissions to students for easy organization, while also enabling nifty features such as sending out group assignments, differentiated tasks, and modifiable editing capabilities. Doctopus allows teachers to go paperless, AND helps maintain organization so that both student and teacher workflow is seamless. Then, when assignments have been completed, teachers can easily attach a rubric and grade using the Goobric extension, built directly into the Doctopus system. Goobric allows teachers to grade assessments without ever leaving the student project, while grades are immediately attached. Meanwhile, the spreadsheet you created to send out the assignment stores handy data, such as last student edit timestamp, rubric overall and individual criteria scores, and number of times scored. With Doctopus and Goobric, you let the Cloud do the work!