Jeff sits down with Jeff Thiel from Metria Learning to discuss how the Master Teacher Edition helps teachers create standards-based lessons and assessments.

About Metria Learning

Metria is dedicated to helping K-12 educators deliver rigorous, data-driven, personalized instruction. We envision a world where teams of teaching professionals work together effectively to ensure that each student reaches their academic potential.

We started this work because we saw that schools need better tools to manage a collaborative approach to delivering personalized instruction. We observed that teachers spent much more time figuring out how to collect and manage timely data about student progress against standards than they spent using the data to determine how to improve their instructional practices.

Metria recently released the “Master Teacher Edition” (MTE), which has the best tools available today to help individual educators create standards-based unit and lesson plans, conduct formative assessments, plan and manage interventions, and monitor student academic growth.

Metria’s “School Improvement Edition” (SIE) extends the MTE to help teams of educators conduct planning, assessment, intervention, and analysis of student academic growth. The SIE is available now for a limited number of pilot sites.

For a limited time, try the MTE for free at!

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About our Guests

Jeff Thiel is an experienced executive and entrepreneur who has built and launched new products and services in industries ranging from PC software to financial services, health care, and K-12 education.

Jeff joined Metria Teaching and Learning Technologies because he is passionate about improving K-12 education.  He comes from a family of educators, and hopes that he can help educators by delivering tools that will make it easier for educators to implement instructional best practices every day.

Prior to Metria, Jeff co-founded companies in financial services and health care services.  He worked for 10 years at Microsoft where his team was instrumental in the launch of multiple versions of Windows, including Windows 95.  He began his career at Bain and Company, a leading business strategy consulting firm.  He has degrees in Economics and History from the University of Washington, and an MBA from the Wharton Graduate School of Business.