Google Slides in the Classroom

Keynote … PowerPoint … HaikuDeck … SlideShare

These are all wonderful presentation programs.  I can honestly admit that I use them just about every time I put together a presentation or prepare for a keynote.  With these programs, you can create any type of slide that your heart can imagine. They are simple, elegant, and come on both the desktop and mobile platforms for all to enjoy.

However… whenever you are asked the question “What is Google Slides???” Please don't ever start the sentence by saying… “It's LIKE PowerPoint…” because you are SOOOO wrong.

On this episode of Ask The Tech Coach, we examine how Google Slides can be used in ways other than your typical PowerPoint substitute.  Join Jeff and Rob as we showcase how one school in New Jersey is turning Google Slides into Google Frames.  What does that mean??? Hit the play button and check it out today!

Topics Discussed

  • What are Google Slides?
  • How Can You Be Creative With Slides?
  • App Smashing with other Google Apps
  • Practical Applications for Students of All Ages.

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