5 Tips for Classroom Greenscreen Success by @SamPatue

Greenscreen technology is an inexpensive technology to support, once you already have devices in your classroom. Teachers can get started with classroom greenscreen effects without spending anything on an app and very little on supplies. Here are my rop 5 tips for getting started with greenscreen in the classroom.

Mind Your Budget

Do it cheap. Bright green felt will work as a backdrop and the lights in your room my be good enough to get started.

Think In Bulk

Many small green screens are better than 1 big one. Deploy as many as you can and let students use them often. They will discover amazing uses for this fun video technology.

Keep It Clean

Iron your backdrop. Wrinkles make shadows, and shadows kill the greenscreen illusion. Have an iron on hand and be sure to use it regularly to keep the backdrops smooth.

Three Feet Are Better than Two Feet

Tripods triple video watchability. Teachers everywhere agree, tripods really help.

Lighting Doesn't Have To Be Expensive

Use the best light you can. Don't tape your backdrop to a window, avoid shadows. If your school will support it, consider getting some inexpensive lights.