What are the Apple Podcasting Requirements to Submit My Show to iTunes?



Over the last few months, I have received emails like the one above several times.  First of all, I would like to start by saying CONGRATULATIONS!!!  Congratulations on having a dream to start your very own podcast and congratulations on having the passion to take the step forward and share your thoughts and ideas with others.

Lets take a look together at some of the requirements for getting your show onto the worlds largest podcasting directory. If you can gather this information for your show, you can pretty much submit your podcast onto any directory online.

iTunes Podcasting Requirements


iTunes requires you to submit “album art” for your podcast.  The current requirements are a square graphic at minimum 1400×1400 and at maximum 3000×3000 size in pixels.  The graphic file is best saved as a .png file.

Suggestions: Create something eye catchy.  Create something that can be seen on both a large monitor and on a small iPhone screen.  I have seen Podcasting art that is beautiful but doesn’t work well when on a small screen.  Remember, most of the time, your show will be searched for on the podcasting apps on mobile phones and tablets.  Keep your art simple, keep your art eye catching, and keep your art clean.  People shop for podcasting art with their eyes.  All of my podcasting album art has been created by my TechEducator Podcast cohost Chris Nesi.  Check out his stuff and let him know that you learned about him on TeacherCast.

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Meta Data

The second most important thing after your show graphics is your meta data.  Music like Google, iTunes relies on the keywords and terms used in your show title, description, and episode titles.

Podcasting Title

The title of your podcast should have two important characteristics.  First, it must be something short and catchy. Nobody is going to be searching for “My favorite podcast about iPads and why I like to teach with them in my classroom everyday.”  A more appropriate title would be “iPads in the Classroom.”

Choosing a show title such as this also fits into the second important characteristic of a good title.  Your title should have some descriptive words to it.  When you search through the more than 600,000 podcast feeds on iTunes, your podcast title is the first thing to come up.

Suggestions: I write the above with complete understand that when I started podcasting, nobody was searching iTunes for “TeacherCast” they were looking for key words such as iPad, 1:1, Flipped Learning and Education.  It was for this reason why I created my latest show “Educational Podcasting Today” to not only be short, but to include two keywords that are highly searched for in the iTunes directory.  One of my favorite shows to watch is Bar Rescue.  I love how Jon Taffer comes in and creates a new brand from an establishment that is falling apart.  If you listen to the message behind the show, you will hear Jon talk over and over about creating a brand that fits the needs of the clients surrounding the bar.  This science is the same that should go into choosing your podcast show title.  If you make your show title specific, you will have a much higher chance at attracting listeners.

new and noteworthyPodcasting Category

iTunes gives the option for associating your podcast with up to three podcasting categories.  Generally people do this wrong. Generally they include their shows in the “podcasting” directory.  This is not only incorrect, but often offensive to other shows in that category.  The “podcasting” category is actually set aside for shows that are teaching people how to become podcasters.  When you are setting your educational podcast up for success, put your show in a category where you know your audience will look.  I generally have my shows in the Educational K-12 category or the Educational Technology category.  Putting your show in a category where your audience is is not only a waste of time, but you will find that you may wake up and see negative reviews because your show is misleading and misrepresenting what the show is actually about.

iTunes Summary

There are two places to really convey what your show is about.  The first is with a short description and the second is with a long description of your show.  This is the section where you can carefully select keywords to use in your show description that both potential listeners and iTunes will be able to connect with your show.

Your short description should only be a few sentences.  Tell your audience what the show is about and how often your show will be produced.  It should include keywords perhaps not in the podcasting title to gain additional searches from both iTunes and Google.

Your long description should, in my opinion, say everything that your short description says, but also provide the contact information for your show.  Perhaps you modify your short description a bit, but end with a few sentences showcasing your website and twitter addresses.   Remember, your show descriptions are just as important as your show title.  They are fishing poles that should be crafted to bring people into the boat to become not only listeners, but subscribers.

Any Other Advice?

My suggestion is to write these items out in an application such as Evernote.  Whenever you submit your podcast to a directory such as iTunes, Stitcher, or Spreaker, you will be asked to supply these pieces of data alongside your RSS feed.

Additional Resources

If you are interested in learning about the process of putting your media file up on iTunes, I have created several tutorials on our website EducationalPodcasting.Today that will be helpful to you in your podcasting journey.

Here are a few that may be helpful to you:

Do you have any advice on this topic?  Are you an experienced podcaster and willing to provide some tips and tricks to help new podcasters?  Please take a moment and leave some helpful advice in our comments section below.

If you are new to podcasting and have further questions, please leave a comment below or reach me and i'll be happy to help you out.


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