Create a Branded Short Link using Pretty Links Plugin for #WordPress

How Do I create a uniquely branded URL for my social media profiles and podcast episodes?

How many times have you been asked where others can find you online? Perhaps you have responded to this question with an answer similar to “Find me on iTunes” or “Go to the Podcasting app and search for my show”

Where these may seem like good ways of promoting your show and helping people find you there is actually a much easier way of doing this.  The answer is with a WordPress plugin called Pretty Link.

PrettyLink Pro ScreenshotPretty Link is a plugin on the WordPress repository that comes in both the free and premium varieties.  Essentially, Pretty Link allows you to input a URL of your choice and then mask it with a self branded custom URL of your choice.

For example, instead of telling people to “Find me on iTunes,” I tell people to go to  This is a short and self promoting way of helping people find you quickly and directly.

I have Pretty Links setup for all of my social accounts:

By setting up Pretty Links, you have the ability to catch peoples attention and allow them to find you and your content without getting lost in a Google or iTunes search.

Why Choose Pretty Links?

  •  Google SEO Advantage

    • In addition to the custom URL’s that Pretty links provides, it also helps out tremendously with your Google SEO.  When I am discussing a podcast that I have created, I tell people to visit  This url is a Pretty Link that really points to  The advantage of having this Pretty Link setup is that I can tell my audience exactly where to go for information and it also helps me create a full permalink that includes keywords to my blog terms.  This is a double positive as far as SEO goes.
  •  Analytics Advantage

    • The second biggest advantage you get when creating Pretty Links is that each time a Pretty Link is clicked on your website records it.  I can tell after only a few days how many people are clicking on my Twitter or my Facebook links because instead of having my website point to, it points to  I have total control over the analytics categories that Google Analytics doesn’t give you.

Free VS Premium

I use Pretty Link Lite (the free version) on all of my websites.  I generally find that it has all of the features that I need to create a unique experience for me to not only function, but provide the type of branding that I need for my clients.  There are times, such as on the TeacherCast website, where I want to add some extra horsepower to my plugins.  This is where Pretty Link Pro comes in.

For only $37 (for a single license and $97 for a developer license), Pretty Link Pro adds some pretty valuable features to your branding arsenal.

Why Choose Pretty Link?

  • Link Management
    • Pretty Link controls all of your affiliate links and social media links.  It also does a great job at helping you remember those long URL's while speaking about them in public.
  • Redirection
    • Pretty link allows you to redirect your links both permanent (301) and temporary (302/307)
  • Automation
    • By setting up certain keywords, you can use terms like itunes, blog, and podcast and Pretty Link will auto create links to your favorite sites.
  • Sharing
    • All Pretty Link Pro accounts comes with social media sharing on your links.
  • Support
    • There have been a few times where I have needed support setting up Pretty Links on a website.  The Plugin has provided AMAZING support whenever I needed some help.

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