Technology in the classroom is by no means a new thing. Even something as seemingly outdated as the movies shown on reel to reel projectors is evidence that teachers are willing to be open-minded and embrace new technologies. One of the reasons that field of education today is so exciting is that the technological offerings that are available to teachers and administrators, is absolutely amazing. Teachers using technology wisely have been able to encourage intellectual curiosity, foster collaboration among students, and challenge the best and brightest students under their care. Ed-tech innovations have also enable instructors to help students who may have fallen behind in their learning. Here are a few examples of education technology that is being used by many great teachers. 

DreamBox Learning

DreamBox is described as an intelligent learning platform that can help elementary school children learn math. It sets its difficulty level by determining how many questions children are able to answer correctly or incorrectly. This ensures that all students are learning at their own space. In addition to providing a math learning solution that works for students, DreamBoxoffers instructors, administrators, and curriculum specialists with valuable reports. These reports can be used to track the overall progress that is being made within each grade, classroom, or school. This is the kind of information that can be used to make important curriculum decisions. In addition to this, there are reports that can be provided to parents as a way to inform them of their child’s progress.


This instrument allows your students to view a virtual environment for learning. Through this emulation they will receive instructional content for both their core as well as their electiveclasses. The programs are actually made to help students recover any missing credits towards graduation, and can even help students who are taking advanced placement tests, and help them prepare for their state, end of the course, and of course their standardized assessments. Teachers love this program because it makes credit recovery so much easier for students, which results in more students graduating on time. E2020 also offers a parent portal, in which the parent can view their child’s progress.


Edmodo is a school set, free to use social network. Here students and teachers have a secured place to connect with one another. Here they are able to collaborated projects, share their content and own educational application. They can even use this website to gain access to homework, their own grades, classroom discussions, and any other notifications. This piece of edtech gets so much hype because teachers and students love the fact that it is a secure place for them to connect out of school in order for them to talk about their classroom assignments.

Wearable Technology

There is a long list of wearable technology devices that can be used in the classroom to enhance the learning experience. To start with something very simple, a wearable device like the fitbit could be used in physical education classes to help students track their progress towards their fitness goals. Then, there is the technology available that can turn any smartphone, into a VR device. This can open up a whole new world for students who want to explore other countries, immerse themselves in historical events, or even walk through their own 3d designs. Even a Go-Pro can be used to film great videos for classroom presentations. 

EasyGenerator E-Learning Software

This technology helps professional educators, or anybody else who is interested in creating online learning opportunities for students, or for people who are simply interested in furthering their education online. For most educators, the roadblocks to setting up these types of courses are related to technical matters. They simply don’t know how to setup an e-learning course, and a s a result, they don’t try. EasyGenerator has taken all of the learning curve stress out of the equation. This means that educators can create online learning courses without having to acquire a bunch of new technical skills

Massive Open-Source Online Education

Many people view MOOCs as an alternative to classroom based education. While it is certainly true that people can use open source online education to pursue their owneducational paths, these resources absolutely have a place in the classroom. For example, teachers can use ‘Ted Talk’ videos to provide students with highly effective and visual instruction on a variety of topics. In addition to this, open source classes offered through a variety of institutes of higher learning can be used to complement what is being offered in the classroom. Finally, students who are struggling in school, but who do not have access to help from their brick and mortar schools, can use MOOCs to help them grasp tough concepts without much in the way of external help.