Learning Management Systems

Learning management systems (LMS) has made it easier for educators and learners to manage their tasksThese educational tools assist both teachers and students in executing their day-to-day job. The main objective of these tools is to enhance productivity of classroom participants so that they can do more in less time. A good learning management system is a combination of various collaborative features and functionalities. 

For educators, they offer a time-efficient approach to manage their teaching materials – lesson plans, reports and assessments etc. Moreover, they provide teachers a smart way to communicate with students through various communication functionalities, such as chat or discussion forums. 

On the other hand, students can take help of LMS tools to streamline their assignment tasks and improve collaborationWith LMS tool, they are able to memorize their lessons, share research materials with fellow students and time their activities with calendar tools

Let’s find out 6 of the best learning management tools you can use today:


One of the most widely-used LMS systems for educators and learners, Blackboard is known for its feature-rich collaboration tools that enhance teamwork among students, while rapidly connecting educators with what is important for their class. In addition,teachers and students can use this tool to share with their network and exchange ideas on matters of interests.

It is a mobile-friendly application which means you can use it on all your devices. Other features include chat, discussion forums and mailing systems etc.


Moodle has been rocking educational world for more than a decade nowBased on pedagogical approach, this high-end LMS system is an open source which meansteachers and students can use this platform to add, change and remove content as they collaborate together. Users can set up a website where they can add resources and share with their teammatesMoodle is highly customizable and you can add features to meet your needs.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a product of Google which aims at simplifying job of teachers. Based on blended learning feature, it offers educators a paperless environment to manage their job affairs. It uses one of the various applications of Google to help teachers with collaboration and communication

For example, educators can use Gmail to communicate with fellow teachers and students. Similarly, they can take services of Google Drive to create and share files to a group. The application is also available for mobile users.


Primarily created for K-12 classroom, Edmodo serves as a social networking website for learners and educators to collaborate and communicate together. Its interface is strategically designed to allow users instantly share important information across their network

Launched in 2008, Edmodo has over 50 millions of users and it has won a number of awards for its service, including an honorable mention in PC magazine for one of the top apps for educators.


Schoology is a LMS application that serves teachers and students at every level of education. It is designed to manage academic contents and share it across various user groups. Founded in 2009, the interface of this LMS application visually resembles to Facebook.

With its integration feature, institutions can easily add their applications with this LMS tool to increase productivity of their teaching staff. Its notable features include onlineattendance, assessment preparation, home work management and drop boxes to name a few.


Though Sakai is a new LMS application compared to its competitors, it does not make it any lesser with competitors. It is known for its feature-rich resources that collaborates learning and facilitate teaching. It is an open-source platform which is maintained by a community of researchers and educators making it a perfect application to meet the needs of academic world

The exclusive tools and functionalities of this LMS software is particularly designed to improve collaboration between educators and students. Some of its tools include chat roomsvirtual drop boxes, discussion forums and calendars etc.

Learning management tools are now a permanent thing in today’s technology-enabled classroomThe above-mentioned 6 LMS tools are some of the best in the market you can use to get help as an educator or learner.