I love Chromebooks because they make the work of dedicated programmers available to kids in classrooms all over the world. In Episode 6 of Beyond the hour of Code,I talk about the power of Scratch and a couple other web-based programming platforms

When I first heard about Scratch, I thought it was just about making games. Once I saw what students did with it, I could see a much bigger range of Creative Self-expression.

I am sure I will learn more about Scratch at the 2016 conference in Boston, I hope you already registered, because it sold out!

Here is the original post with show notes.


  1. Scratch is without doubt one the best platforms available in the market for younger learners to learn coding. It’s simple design is one of its most important features as it makes it possible for such learners to develop projects even at home and on their own.

    Importantly, it makes learning more interesting and engaging. The ability to generate educational content in the form of games makes learning more fun and involving. The animations, simulations, and other visualizations are key in enhancing the learners’ creativity in thinking.

    The use of “sprites” makes programming and coding quite easy for younger learners. It is certainly a favorite when leaning programming basics.

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