Post Update:

I wish to thank everyone who took the time to contribute to this crowd sourced project.  It was pretty awesome.



Dear ISTE Friends,

Are you going to ISTE 2016?  We are SUPER excited that this awesome event is right around the corner.  We created this Google Map to help everyone learn where the hot events, parties, and of course learning experience will be this year.  The map is open to all to add. Please do so respectfully.

Did you see this crowd sourced interactive map that @TeacherCast is creating for #ISTE2016? Click To Tweet

If you have an event that you are planning, please feel free to add it to the map along with any tickets or web links.  We would also love to invite you to share this post and map with your PLN to help us create the ultimate ISTE Party Planner!

Thanks and don't forget to check out TeacherCast LIVE from ISTE 2016


If you are interested in contributing to this map, please do so responsibly and respectfully using this link: