Classroom Technologies

Integration of technology in the classroom has yielded amazing results among students of all ages. Educators have better means of teaching, and tools of instruction, although not all schools have seamlessly adapted to use of technology in the process of learning and teaching.

While educators have been given the opportunity to make their plans and lessons more engaging and easy to create as well as teach, students are given more options outside and inside of a classroom for gaining the necessary skills and knowledge.

Those educational institutions that we have, claim to see numerous benefits and an improved learning process. It’s easier and quicker for teachers to find materials, explain it to students in a more interactive and engaging way that will tickle their imagination. The tech-savvy generation finds technology overall more appealing since they’ve grown up surrounded by technology in the classroom. Modern teachers  use it for opening the new horizons in educational process.

Top 7 technologies used in successful classroom


This board helps boost classroom activities. SMART boards are connected to other devices and can enable students to participate in group activities, or do individual projects in a more engaging and efficient manner. Language classes are taking on a completely new dimension by becoming more energetic, multi-modal and interactive.

Social Media

But not in the way that you think. Schools are implementing closed social media platforms such as Edmodo. This protects the students, teachers and the entire school community from outsiders, but it enhances student-teacher communication and classroom conversation-facilitating learning. There are so many possibilities with a closed social media communities that will enable teachers to give online help, homework, consultations and provide guidelines for their students.


Once they were only used by tech-savvy geeks, but now they are easily accessible and used by everyone. It’s even used as a classroom tool for teachers or students to create their own podcasts. How does this benefit the learning process? You’re able to create your own recording just about anywhere and use it for your classroom. This will encourage students, parents and teachers to engage and work together since you’re able to start a conversation, record and share it with your desired community. You can record lessons or weekly discussions for your students, or your students are able to share their work with you, without taking hours and hours to give you a report.

Google Docs

Technology is great because it connects teachers and students inside the classroom and outside of it as well. Laptops are widely used in so many educational institutions, to the point that notebooks are completely obsolete.

Google Docs are a great means of sharing essay, homework, coursework and being able to with just one click of a button access the document you need, and work on it with your students together. Group activities, such as analyzing and writing have never been easier than with the help of online documents.


IPads are portable, easy to use and easy to carry around. They offer a large variety of options in classrooms because they can be connected to a wireless or LAN network. It goes way beyond just using educational or entertaining apps. Students are able to use iPads in a number of interactive ways to engage more in the learning process, both inside and outside of a classroom. It has helped teachers motivate their students more, but also keep track of their progress because the iPad enables you to track every activity, when it’s done, how and where. Some schools have even gone to the extent of providing each student with their own tablet to take home and keep for the entire school year since the entire curriculum is based on using technology and doing homework, research, experiments and test via these technological tools.

Online Teaching

Technological advances have enabled students and teachers to collaborate beyond the classroom, which is especially beneficial for those who are unable to leave their homes, or opt for home schooling. Online teaching has become a huge trend, both because students and teachers don’t have to be present in order to educate. Online lessons have enabled students to be present and not miss a single lesson, and this goes both ways for the teachers.

Mobile Devices

Although many educational institutions still haven’t integrated the use of mobile phones into their everyday teaching, mobile devices are used in certain schools as a very efficient method of communication. Not only are the students and teachers able to communicate faster, smartphones have numerous useful and educational apps and programs that students and easily adapt to and use to make their educational experience more fun. It has enabled students to learn more quickly, and access relevant and needed information in just a few swipes.

Overall, technology has become an important part of today’s classroom. While some educational institutions have embraced using everything from mobile phones, tablets, computers and smart boards, some are still learning to take advantage of what technology has to offer. The future is bright, and with such a great opportunity for quick learning and accessibility to materials, students are able to learn and develop at a greater speed than ever before.


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