When I tell people I work with kids and tech, they almost always ask one of 2 questions: How do you talk about Digital Citizenship with your students? What do you do to help them build digital literacy skills? These two questions are anything but interchangeable. With my students, their digital literacy is like their ability to read and understand the world, and their digital citizenship is their contribution to that world. (and if I doubt myself I re-read that sentence without the word digital and it is still true)

So what can teachers do to help kids stay safe online, while making great uses of available resources and participating in meaningful communities? While I could list everything I have tried, there are smarter voices out there, and this week I found that TeacherCast had recently produced 2 shows that helps me understand the learning opportunities in each of these fields.

Digital Citizenship

On this episode of the TechEducator Podcast we tackle the topic of Digital Citizenship. #DigCit is the teaching of community building online and helping your students understand how to treat one another equally and fairly. Todays episode features Marialice B.F.X. Curran and her son Curran who are a mother/son team behind the amazing Digital Citizenship Summit happening on Friday October 28.

Digital Literacy

In this episode, Jeff sits down with Dr. Corinne Hyde, a fantastic professor at USC Rossier School of Education and an amazing educator to have a very candid discussion about Digital Literacy. In this interview we touch on every topic from Social Media use to working with teachers who may be afraid of stepping out of the box in their classroom.

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How Can We Support Our Students …. and Staff?

How will you support your students in navigating the digital world and making their mark in it? Leave us a note in the comments and share your story.