Elementary Success with Empathy and Design Thinking by @SamPatue

The work I am most excited about this year has to be bringing making and Design Thinking to Echo Horizon Schools's PreK-6th grade students.

There are so many different challenges and opportunities awaiting us as the teachers and I work together to create awesome learning experiences for our students. A group of our teachers went the Neuva School's Design Thinking Institute this summer and we met today to plan the roll out, happening tomorrow.


In the video I share how we are going to focus on empathy and design thinking initially. This gives the teachers and I a really meaningful lens to apply to making. The Design Thinking process is a decision making process that puts users at the center.


The second part of this video is focused on organization and storage. My coworkers were giving me a hard time because my room isn't “clean.” This will be a point of struggle, but I have a plan and if that doesn't work I have mad excuses.

Challenge of the Week

Finally the live chat closes out with some great details about the Challenge of the Week! Each week during the school year I will publish a new challenge for kids at my school and yours! Leave me a comment on this page if you are interested in participating in the Challenge of the week, it will be fun and accessible. The needed materials for the first 4 challenges will be 2 pieces of paper, a crayon, and a bunch of pennies or washers. The first challenge is to build the BEST paper airplane. My job is to celebrate all entries and push my most motivated kids to make videos about how to make their style of paper airplane. My job is not to choose a few planes to value over others and hand out prizes. This is how my students keep the focus on the process, they document and share it.


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