Hello, I am Sam Patterson, welcome to My Paperless Classroom.

This year's adventure is designing a hands on learning curriculum for 8 different grade levels PreK-6th.

A Plan? A Plan!

Nothing is built from whole cloth, which is to say, I started from something. I moved into a dream space with an amazing library of resources. Although you might doubt my sincerity, I assure you it isn?t about the stuff. Focus in the skills you want the kids to develop and find tools to make it possible.

I moved into this space in July, as all the other teachers were off campus and the building was quiet. (an unnatural state for a school. While the room was full of stuff- I was unprepared to put anything on a calendar, I instead set about organizing the physical resources in the room and thinking critically about the skills needed to use those resources effectively.

I thought about what I want to do in the class and my highest goals. My focus is empowering kids to make choices and share their passion-driven learning, so I started with a resource site that I will be asking the students to build with me.

A side note, I built the site in the new google sites and it was really easy to go from a well-developed google docs draft to a great looking website.

Once I had the site “up” and shared with a few of my teachers, I immediately heard about how to take the ads off of YT videos and how the videos are not all properly captioned, and there are many topics completely lacking in videos. These are all great problems, because I have 160 young people who may want to help me with this site, and I have left plenty for them to do.

(curriculum lesson 1: leave a lot of room for the kids to do important work that matters to the program)

Signing myself up for this work-scheme alone would be overwhelming.  I would collapse under the weight of ?too much.? But I am approaching it as a team build over years. (many hands make light work).

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