Some of the best minds in education and OneNote are gathering together for a free online conference in November 2016. Names like Mike Tholfsen (@mtholfsen) and Marjolein Hoekstra (@OneNoteC) will be sharing their best tips, tricks and strategies for using OneNote in the classroom and in life. Take a look at this full lineup of speakers.


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If learning how to get the most out of OneNote in the classroom isn't enough for you, I picked out six additional reasons you should attend the Learn OneNote Conference.

It is 100% Online and 100% Free to Attend Live 

There are no costly travel expenses, time outside of the classroom, time spent away from family. Everything is entirely online and entirely free. So how does it work?

The conference is divided into six days with each day focused on a OneNote theme. These themes range from helping you get started with OneNote, to using OneNote in your personal life, to a heavy focus on using OneNote for education related purposes.

When you register, you will be added to the attendee list. On each day of the conference, I will send you an email with a link to the videos that are published that day. You have the entire conference to watch the videos for free. You can watch all of them, or pick and choose the ones that are most interesting to you.

After the conference is over, the videos will no longer be available in this conference form. Instead, there will be an option to purchase a OneNote notebook with all the videos, speaker information and additional resources that you can continue to learn from. This notebook is yours after purchase, so you can share it with your coworkers and staff to collaborate and share feedback or thoughts about each of the presentations.

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See How Real Educators Use OneNote

It's one thing to hear a presenter talk about the things you as a teacher should and shouldn't do in the classroom. It's a completely different thing to hear another teacher share how to use OneNote in the classroom.

At this conference, see how Melissa Salas (@SalsaDeVinney), a teacher from Pennsylvania, United States, uses OneNote for all her lesson planning. Or, see how Microsoft Innovative Expert Educator (MIEE) Steve Crapnell (@anfield1974) uses OneNote for effective student feedback interaction.

When you are done with those videos, hear from Cal Armstrong (@sig225) about the beginning days of OneNote and how you can get even more from it today.

Several more educators will be presenting, talking about using OneNote to teach math and getting to the basics of the Class Notebook so you can get started too.

See the full agenda list here.

Join with the Rest of the World

One of the many beautiful things about the internet and online conferences is people from all over the world can join together. I'm located in California, United States, and have the privilege of hosting speakers from the Netherlands, Macedonia, Australia, Norway, Canada, Austria, United Arab Emirates, France and more.

Attendees are signing up from even more countries.

Expand your horizons on what is possible in OneNote and with other cultural influences. Let's learn from the collective resources of the world rather than confine ourselves to the constraints of our own cultural norms, habits and assumptions. Let’s join together to teach the next generation of humans.

A key part of the international component of this conference are Exhibit Talks. Keep reading below to find out how you can have an active role by submitting an Exhibit Talk.

You Can Have an Active Role

When you visit an in-person conference, there are often exhibit halls where vendors and individuals have booths that you can walk amongst. For example, my wife worked in the international education space for several years and she attended a large conference where there was an exhibit hall with teachers sharing their poster board, highlighting a topic of international education that they wanted to bring awareness to and spark conversation. Visitors would walk through the hall and speak with these people to build relationships and learn from other attendees. 

Exhibit Talks for the Learn OneNote conference are the online way to experience an exhibit hall. Attendees of the conference are encouraged to create a 5 to 15-minute screen recording video answering the one question, “How do you use OneNote.”

What makes the Exhibit Talks particularly special is speakers from all over the world are invited, whether the video be in English or another language. Let’s see the international community share their knowledge and experiences.

Watch this Sway explaining the Exhibit Talks and contribute your video, in English or any of the other languages around the world, showing how you use OneNote. 

Students Can Attend

This conference is online, free and available for anyone that would like to learn OneNote. This includes students. Maybe you can give extra credit to attend? Maybe you can hold a follow-up discussion in the classroom after one of the sessions? Maybe you can use the conference as an opportunity to share networking tips that they will need to know when attending similar conferences.

The barriers to learning OneNote have been rolled back by having this online format. I hope you take advantage of this opportunity and give your students a unique growing opportunity.

Use OneNote to Improve Your Overall Life

This conference is well suited for teachers with a heavy emphasis on using OneNote in education. But you are not only a teacher, you are not defined by your career. You are a human being with responsibilities, planning and things to manage in your personal life.  

That's why this conference covers OneNote topics aside from just using it in the classroom. For example, Ulrika Hedlund (@ulrikahedlund) from United Arab Emirates, a former Microsoft employee and founder of Business Productivty, is sharing a video for the conference about how she uses OneNote to make her life a little less chaotic as a working mother of three. Or maybe you could watch Mathew Gilbertson's (@MatGilbertson) video on productivity with OneNote and a tablet, or even Darren Beale's (@bealers) video on weekly life planning and daily journaling with OneNote.

So, will you be there for the 2016 Learn OneNote Conference? If you already missed it, see options for a lifetime pass and be ready to attend next year.

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