It's no secret that the foundation of this very website is our video podcasts and live broadcasts.  Quite often, I am asked about my video editing application of choice.  For the last several years, all of the videos produced on TeacherCast have been created and edited with Apple's Final Cut Pro software.

Pro Applications … in Education???

Where teachers sometimes get nervous about this response is when I say the word “Pro.”  I learned very early from my friend Jon Corippo (@JCorippo) that while Final Cut Pro is certainly a powerful application, it also can be easily distributed in a classroom setting and taught to students as young as elementary school.

The next question that teachers usually ask me is where I learned how to do all of the video editing tricks that make TeacherCast possible.  I must say, where I have done a ton of button pushing and tinkering, I couldn't learn about this robust video tool without the help from the great videos distributed from Ripple Training.

Ripple Training is a fantastic resource for inspiring film makers.  Their tutorials are easy to follow and very entertaining.  Their weekly video series called MacBreak Studio can be viewed for free on their YouTube Channel. I also encourage you to take advantage of their very detailed and very reasonably priced video tutorials on Final Cut Pro, Motion, and other video editing tools.

Final Cut Pro 10.3

Recently, Apple released a brand new version of Final Cut Pro called 10.3.  This version, of Final Cut Pro is a drastically different visually and Apple has once again decided to move all of my favorite buttons on the screen.  Have no fear, Ripple Training is here!

If you are a video editor, teacher of film, or even a podcaster, I encourage you to check out this new video series from Ripple Training on the new Final Cut Pro 10.3.  These new 8 videos are perfect not only for teachers, but for students of all ages.

Share Your Videos!

Happy Editing Everyone! Please keep in touch and use the comments section below to share links to your videos and YouTube channels.

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