The hour of code school wide challenge of “can we get every student to code for one hour” is a great starting point. This also gets the administration thinking about computer science because they realize they don’t have anyone teaching that.
But if we get brave and kick the challenge up a notch we could change the very fabric of our school culture. You are asking “How do I kick it up a notch?” and “If I kick it up a notch may I still retain the right to subsequently kick out the jams?”
Kick it up a notch by challenging your school to have kids code for an hour in EACH CLASS during CS education week. That is right. get coding happening in EVERY SUBJECT.
You can get started now and check out the huge collection of activities at
If you want some direct links, here are a few great guided tutorials that can really showcase content area learning. These also require no teacher prior knowledge of coding.

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  1. Hello:
    I’m from Texas and am in search of a campus/district who has incorporated coding in their curriculum. Please let me know if we can go visit a campus that you know of!
    Thank you so very much.
    Melba Foster

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