Tips for Teaching Writing

To be a good writer one must constantly work on his skills. However, it is not bad news. Considering the abundance of technologies that can help you make it a fun and entertaining activity, you will have no problems advancing your skills as a writer.

Even if you are not really good with technologies, we will show a list of things you will master in no time. So, do not hesitate to try them all out both when teaching writing and when learning yourself.

Ten incredible technological solutions to help you teach and learn writing

Get Writing Prompts for your mobile device

Depending on what OS you have, you can download applications like “Write About This,” “iDeas for Writing,” “Fresh Start Writing Prompts,” “Things to Think About,” “Writing Challenge,” or “Shake a Phrase.” These simple apps will help you brainstorm ideas, create new concepts and enjoy the process of creative writing freedom. They will suggest topics for you and keep your thoughts organized. So, if you have a chance, you should get them.

Give blogging a try

There is plenty of technologies you can use for blogging including popular platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Svbtle, LiveJournal, Weebly, and Having your own blog (or in case you are teaching writing, inviting your students to have their blogs) is one of the best practices. You can follow successful writers and see what their strengths are, ask for feedback on your writing there and learn more about the world of content, traffic, ads, and other marketing things as well.

Join online workshops

Thanks to the Internet, you can now easily join classes of great copywriters, writers, or bloggers without a need to leave your apartment. All you need to do is to get a nice pair of headset, check your webcam, and prepare a list of questions to ask the writer.

Try Mind maps

The extensive list of apps that create mind maps includes MindMeister, MindMup, SpiderScribe, Bubblus, Coggle, Popplet, Mindo, Mindjet, Idea Sketch, and SimpleMind. There are more, but these ones are the ones we know more about. Using these technologies will help you boost your creativity and increase abstract thinking capability. On top of that, you will get a chance to revise and organize all of the ideas in a well-structured map.

Editing technologies

There are special programs that aim to help you edit and change your piece of writing. Check out the latest versions of Draft or Writer app to learn more about these possibilities.

Enroll in a writing course

With the growing e-learning approach on the market, you can quickly enroll a course or even a complete specialization. For instance, a popular platform has several options for writers who want to improve their skills and learn new technologies. There is one course that explains all the specifics of writing for children, while the other one starts with the basics of grammar and punctuation and goes into detail on writing different types of essays in English. Start with those or opt for other platforms you know.

Listen to a Podcast

Writing skills depend on your level of what they call “encyclopedism.” So, creating a podcast about something you do not have the profound knowledge of is an excellent idea. Make sure to choose a professional narrator to listen to and the one with in-depth content understanding.

Download an Audiobook

This tip is close to the one described above. However, it is aiming to increase your vocabulary, shape your own style, and enhance your verbature.  By listening to audiobooks, you are improving your writing skills in the same way as communicating with an educated native speaker enhances your knowledge of the language you learn. Make sure to surround yourself with the best ones only to enjoy the jaw-dropping results in a while.

Use Grammarly

This application is proofreading your texts for you. All you have to do is to upload your document and wait until the system comments on the mistakes and typos you made, and will suggest better word pairs or other constructions add to your text. After some time, you will get to understand common mistakes you make on a regular basis and will make sure to avoid them the next time.

Check out Hemingway application

This application aims to make your texts readable. This is a skill every writer must learn from the very beginning. Based on simple principles of grammar and syntax, the application will highlight sentences that are hard or very hard to read. It will also point out phrases that have easier alternatives. The system also shows and recommends reducing the number of Passive Voice constructions in your writing and avoiding overloading it with adverbs.

Save these tips to apply to your piece of writing or that of you students the next time you consider that it needs some corrections and improvement. Technology can make the process of boosting your skills easier and more fun.


  1. Sophia, thank you for writing these great tips. Being a digital immigrant is not so easy, while my students are surely digital natives!

    I will have a look on every single tool that you’ve recommended. These tools for sure will bring much fun to my students!

    Writing technology changes so fast. My colleague suggested me this writing tool And, to my surprise, it works fine. I even contacted their sales for the extended version.

    So today every teacher could find an EdTech teaching tool that will sparkle his or her classroom activities.

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