4 Skypeathon Podcasts

On November 29 and 30, educators and industry professionals from around the world will connect through video conferencing during this year's annual Skypeathon.  This free, global event is a fantastic way for classrooms to break down the walls that surround them and open their imaginations to the infinite possibilities that exist when you reach out and work with others.

How do I participate in the Skypeathon with my students?

Participating in the Skypeathon couldn't be easier.  First, visit Skypeathon.com and register for the Microsoft Educator Community.  Even if you are not in an Office365 school district, this global community is an amazing resource to share and learn from educators worldwide.

The second step is to find other educators and industry leaders to Skype with and invite them into your classroom.  There are several activities that you can participate in.  Mystery Skype is one example of how two classrooms can play a “20 Questions” type of activity where they guess where in the world the other is Skyping with them from.

How can I learn more about the Skypeathon?

For more information about this years Skypeathon, there are several great podcasts available featuring educators who are interested in sharing their passions and their classrooms with you and your students.  Check them out and subscribe today!

TeacherCast Podcast

How can I participate in the Skypeathon (Featuring Marialice Curran and Steve Issacs)

Microsoft Innovative Educator Spotlight Series Podcast

What makes the MIE Community so special? (featuring Michael Soskil)

Skypeathon 2016: Using Skype to Connect our Classrooms. (featuring Stacey Ryan)

How can we use technology to raise the bar in Special Education? (featuring Lauren Pittman)

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