This week on the TechEducator Podcast, we took a look at the new Template options that can be found in Google Apps. Templates offer domains in the “for edu” and “for work” environments a common location where a single document can be created and showcased for others to use. I recently started creating templates for the teachers in my district by simply offering to digitize their traditional worksheets for them and so far the responses have been very positive.

Where can I find the NEW Template Gallery?

You can't find these templates in Google Drive, HOWEVER, you can find them by going to the “waffle” and then click on either docs, sheets, slides, forms, or drawings.

How do I create a template?

There are a few minor steps to create a template for your domain. First you have to create a document (of any kind). Second, you have to upload it into your Template Gallery.

Google Template Gallery
Inside your template gallery will be a tab for your school domain.


Google Template Gallery
Upload your template and choose a category

Select a Category

After you select your presentation you will be asked to select a category for your template. These categories can be customized by your Google Apps Administrators.

You can then choose to make available the original document or a copy of the document.  This is an important step because the actual doc that is in your drive is the very document that others will be accessing and pulling from. If you decide to amend that doc, the template available to everyone will be changed for everyone.

Viewing your Templates

Once your template is uploaded, (and your admin approves it) you will be able to view your template in the template gallery. Additionally, this template is now available for others in your domain.

Template Gallery
Your templates will be organized by category once approved in the gallery.

Check out some of our templates Today

Do you have templates to share?

We invite you to share your templates with us and for others to view and use. Please feel free to tell us about your templates in the comments below and include the link to your digitized worksheets.  We would love to showcase them.