How to make a book with your students … the old fashioned way. By @SamPatue

From the completely un-ironic series of classroom instructional videos- How to make your own sketch books with MyPaperlesClassroom.

I stumbled on the idea of handbinding books with my kids last week when I thought about teaching them sketchnoting.

My process when something like this: 1. We should do some design thinking talking. 2. I could teach them sketchnoting 3. What will they draw on? 4. We should make books.

I used

  • A thick piece of foam
  • a mallet
  • safety goggles
  • a golf tee
  • a plastic needle
  • string
  • paper

There are about a million variations on this that your could call the history of publishing. My kids are going to make new folios when they fill these, and at the end of the year we can bind them all into, wait for it, portfolios.


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