If You Are Looking To Update Your Blog Or Start A New Website in 2017 … Check Out These Tips and Tricks

Are you starting a new website or blog in 2017? In these two podcasts, we take you through the critical steps and decisions you should face BEFORE you sit down to create your next web project.


This week on the TechEducator Podcast, we discussed the topic of creating a new website or blogging project.  For many of us, the first reaction is to sit down at a computer and jump in head first to the project. In this episode, we discuss why you should hold off as long as possible and first plan out your project BEFORE jumping in.

Based on this recent post from Jeff Bradbury called “The 3.5 Things You Should Do Before Starting Your Next Website,” here are two podcasts sharing our tips and tricks for creating a successful website project.

The TechEducator Podcast Episode 143

Educational Podcasting Today


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