Today, Google released a brand new feature to Google Slides that allows users to create slide presentations that include video found inside of their Google Drive.  This is one of the most requested features and I'm very excited about the possibilities that this new feature brings to educators and classrooms.

Up until recently, the only way you could insert a video into your Google Slides presentation was through YouTube.  Starting today, teachers can now capture video, upload it into their Google Drives, set those videos to be seen only by members of their domains and then use that video in their lessons. . . THIS IS BIG!

Practical Applications

Imagine that you are working with your students on a STEM project and you wish to present your video at a Board of Education meeting.  In the past, you would have to create the video, upload it to Drive,  and on your slide presentation, add something ugly that said “click here” which would then open up a new window to play your video.

As demonstrated in the slide deck above, you can see how easy it is to now add both YouTube videos, and Google Drive videos (both personal, and “shared with me”) into your next presentation.

How Can You Use This New Feature?

There are several ways of using this feature in a G-Suite for Education environment. I welcome you to use the comment section below to share your ideas and Google Slides resources.


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