Recently, I had the privledge of sitting down with Samuel George from Explain Everything and Dean Stokes from Apps Events to learn how Explain Everything can be used in every classroom, and for every subject area.

Explain Everything is a multi-platform application that allows teachers the ability to create dynamic learning content for their students.  Many have called it the “Swiss Army Knife” of your edtech tech toolbox.

Using it's simple interface, you are given a canvase (you choose the color).  On your canvas, you can draw or annotate  with your fingers (or mouse on a Chromebook), import and manipulate files, photos, and videos, and also create audio and video recordings.

Using Explain Everything's “Infinite Canvas” feature, you can create as much content as you need simply by adding additional slides (like one of those Presentation Apps).

Explain everything is not only the perfect tool to quickly create videos and images for your class, it's great for teaching students topics in those “hard to edtech” type of subjects such as Math.

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