In the last 5 years I have been to many conferences, large ones like ISTE, Scratch, CUE, and smaller local conferences. This was my first time at sxswedu.  There are few experiences as fulfilling or exhausting.

Meeting people and making connections can be hard fun. This year I got to co-present a project from my school with my boss. It was so awesome to have weeks of collaborative work lead up to this presentation.

#SXSWEDU Design Thinking with Puppets

We brought Design Thinking with Puppets to SXSWEDU and the reception was fantastic. Even with our session in the far corner at the end of the day we had a good number of teachers so up and make with us.sxswedu

Here is a link to the FB live video of the beginning of our presentation.
In other sessions at SXSWEDU, I learned about Nike Cave’s sound suits, the potential of teaching kids to be ready for space, the power of giving teachers a lab classroom to play with during professional development, and other great ideas for connecting the makerspace and project-based learning.
There were several people who really “made” this trip fro me and the First is Elaine Wrenn. Co-presenting with her was so awesome, her clarity of thought and her confidence helped me relax and know that the session was going to be great. Colleen Graves has been a great insta-friend and I have learned so much from her long before we ever met in person this week. The same can be said for Krissy Venosdale. Kris and Colleen are always doing great work and inspiring teachers and kids alike. As I have ben learning how to run a makerspace they have been my go-to guides.  This week I got to meet them both and we recorded a podcast together!

SXSWEDU Connections

In addition, I have made great connections with Jeff from Sparkfun, Sue from Lesley STEAM, and Gregg from MIT/ Scratch.

The Future Changed

The future changed for my classes this week at #sxswedu, I don’t just have new ideas, I have new learning partners. What does this mean? I don’t yet know. There will be more “space” is my classes. There will be more sound, design, questions, and people. There will be more people in my lessons.sxswedu puppets
We will be taking Design Thinking with Puppets to other conferences, to be sure. If you want to know more, drop me a note.