On this week's episode of the TechEducator Podcast we welcome members of the Microsoft Office 365 team on to share new and exciting features in Word, Powerpoint and Excel.

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Office 365 Feature Highlights

Fundamental: what browser/online tools meant to be naturally…

  • Access anytime, anywhere and on any device, no need for any setup/installation
  • Real Time Collaboration – classroom scale with real time typing
  • Easy to Sharing mechanisms
  • Compatibility: thanks to huge user base from desktop clients, users get familiar user interface
  • Use MRU to easily find recent files
  • Accessibility support: we care for all our users. E.g. Screen reader/ high contrast for blind/low vision users
  • Integration with several LMS systems like Edmodo and Canvas including direct integration into assignment workflows
  • O365 Education is free for teachers and students with a valid school email address

PPT Online Feature highlights:

  • Smart Art: Create visually appealing decks using smart art like organization chart, pyramid list etc.
  • Animations: Use the power of animations to emphasize on content on the slide
  • Designer: insert local or online pictures and use designer service to provide creative options and greater visual impact, all within seconds
  • Morph: cinematic motion animations to improve student engagement in the class

Excel Online Feature Highlights:

  • Use Excel Online to collaboratively collect data and transforming it to insights.
  • Use chart to visualize your data and bring it to life
  • Improve your productivity and save time using features like: “Format as a Table” and “Flash Fill”
  • Analyze your data using “Sort & Filter” and add quick statistics using “AutoSum”.

Word Online Feature Highlights:

  1. Support for document formatting to ensure you can meet style requirements
  2. Headers, footers, footnotes, and endnotes for formal papers
  3. Proofing tools including Spell-check, contextual spell check and ignore functionality that persists within the document.

About Our Guests

Poonam Gupta

Poonam Gupta is a long-time software industry professional and currently works as a Program Manager for Office Online at Microsoft. She is based out of Microsoft’s Beijing office, where in addition to working on Office Online, she actively works with teachers from international schools to learn more about the use of technology in pedagogy. She lives in Beijing with her husband and two kids, and has a passion for travelling.

Nick Simons

Nick Simons is a liberal arts major who talked his way into tech in the '90s. He has worked as a Program Manager on Office Online for the better part of a decade but Nick's true claim to fame is that he was the PM who removed Clippy from Office. Currently he spends much of his time thinking about Office in the context of education technology.  Born in the UK, raised in Canada, he has lived in or around Seattle for most of the last 20 years. When given the choice, Nick will be on a boat.

Moran Gutman

Moran Gutman is an experienced Program Manager currently works as a Program Manager for Office Online at Microsoft.  She is passionate about driving technology in the Education world and actively working with Teachers and train them how to work with Excel Online in their classroom. She lives in Israel with her husband and two girls.

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