DIY computer

In the 21st episode of Beyond The Hour of Code, we are talking with Oliver from Kano computers live from the CUE conference. We talked about the awesomeness of the DIY movement and how to best capture that energy in the classroom, we also chatted about some exciting new kits coming from Kano

It was just a few years ago I got interested in programming and computing for younger students, and I did it at the right time. If this is new to you, don't worry, now is also the right time.

The KANO computer was designed by a team responding to the challenge of a child. “There should be a computer that you can put together like LEGO.”

This would be the perfect tagline for the company if it didn't have another company's name in it. The concept is simple and the kit is great. For the past 2 years, I have run an afterschool “build your own computer club” that used the KANO kits.

The strength of the platform is that it is designed to assist the user through the process. As a teacher, I had to trust the tutorials and help the students navigate the instructions. I did not have to fully understand everything the students were doing.

Usually, they were all doing slightly different things, a result of the choices they had made.

How can you use the DIY ethos in your classroom? I have found that teachers can use tools like this to introduce independent learning and problem solving while tapping into student interests.