Scratching the Surface: How To Teach Your Three Year Old To Read, OneNote at a Time

Have you ever looked at your child and realized that they were doing something they had never done before?  Recently, my wife and I began to notice that our wonderful and amazing Edutriplets were beginning to identify letters and some basic words.  This has led in the past few weeks to my little girl asking me to draw her pictures on the computer.

I started off trying to draw school busses using one of the popular computer drawing programs and while I was able to create something that looks like a bus, I wasn't able to do it fast enough for my daughter's patience.

OneNote BusI knew I had to do something different to continue winning her love day after day and with that, I pulled out my Surface Tablet and opened up Microsoft OneNote. What happened next was simply awesome.  My little babies started to read.

Ok, now maybe I'm being a bit too poetic but I would welcome you to check out the video above.  I'm very proud of my little babies and I just wanted to share their recent accomplishments.

Learning How To Read With Microsoft OneNote

Where the Surface Tablet has many apps that allow you to draw, I decided to open up OneNote because, in one single notebook, I would be able to save all of the drawings that my children and I do.  It also gives them the ability to take the Surface Pen and learn how to draw their newly learned numbers and letters.

What's Next for the EduTriplets?

As the warmer air enters and the last of the snow melt away, I am looking forward to watching my Edutriplets grow and develop in their new world. Feel free to follow them on Twitter @EduTriplets.