Are you interested in using video in your students but don't know where to start? Recently Apple released a brand new app called Clips that has some pretty nice features. . . but is it ready for the classroom?

Captioned video is awesome, and until now, captioning video has been time-consuming. The new video app from apple “Clips” finally puts dictation-style speech recognition to work in real time auto-captioning.

The new Apple Clips app allows users to build multi-segment video by stringing clips together. There are several options for effects and filter. It is clear that this Clips will have a place in the world of Snapchat and Instagram, but this is not a social platform, this is a content creation studio.

Users can export the video to their camera role, or directly to some apps. In the classroom, Clips can empower kids to make captioned video. Captioning video helps students really pay attention to what they are saying and how they are saying it. The creators of the video as well as the viewers have a more literacy-rich experience when working with captioned video.

Easy Editing

Clips makes it easy to edit captions, you just click on the text and an edit window opens. This allows you to add punctuation and capitalization. As I mentioned before, this is dictation-style auto-text so you can say your punctuation as you speak, but it is best to add it after the fact.


How can you use clips to your classroom? Have your kids create Snapchat-style stories by building the pieces in clips and then sharing them to SeeSaw or your classes private blog. If you use Book Creator, Clips can help you make captioned videos to include in your books.


Remember that as the teacher you are responsible for all the images and video that come out of the room. The key concern is student safety. Be sure you know the policy for sharing videos and photos of students. If your school has a private blog or parent-only space like SeeSaw, be sure you know how to use it.
Clips is a free iOS app that requires software version 10.3. This does mean that some of the older devices I have will not be able to run this software.