Have you ever been stuck creating a bad slide presentation due to a bad slide template? In this episode, we learn how to create a perfect slide deck both for your classroom lessons and for your next TED talk using Slidebot, a free tool that is guaranteed to make your next presentation POP!

About Slidebot

SlideBot is a web-based presentation design tool that automatically creates visually engaging presentations in a matter of seconds. The tool works by analysing the users’ content to understand context, selecting appropriate images to powerfully express concepts. The slides are then designed automatically using more than ten thousand design rules. The tool provides a complete presentation creation, editing and delivery platform, enabling teachers and students to rapidly explain and connect with ideas, without the need for design training.

About our Guest

Ned Jamieson is the Founder of SlideBot, a web-based presentation tool that in a matter of seconds, creates bespoke and engaging slide-decks that are individually tailored to a user’s content. Ned’s vision has been to empower every presenter with the skills and tools that will enable them to create their own engaging and beautiful presentations.

Since its launch, Ned has cemented SlideBot’s reputation as the ‘new’ way to create presentations in business, which has led to SlideBot presentations now being utilized at some of the biggest conferences in the world – most recently by speakers at TEDx, SXSW and the World Business Forum.

Prior to starting SlideBot, Ned spent over a decade designing slides for hundreds of corporate, charitable and government organizations. His expertise in the area of presentations led him to write the book: ‘Powerful Presentations: What the best speakers know’, which continues to help speakers from all over the world get in touch with their inner designer.

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