On this episode of the TechEduactor Podcast, we discuss how Seesaw, a popular portfolio, and student blogging application is transforming how students can imagine themselves as publishers and producers of high-level creative projects.

When teachers talk about how they use SeeSaw, you end up hearing about all of their favorite and most engaging lessons. That is what happened on this episode of the Tech Educator Podcast. We talked about so many different ways to use Seesaw we had to keep a list.

Jennifer Judkins and Sam Patterson have really outdone themselves this time with their unbridled endorsement of SeeSaw, a content creations/ portfolio/ story telling app that students as young as Pre-K can use independently.

Joining two of our favorite hosts were a great panel from SeeSaw. Angela, Seesaw’s community manager,Sophia Smith and Elementary Seesaw ambassador and Julie Jacobs, a high school Seesaw ambassador. Sophia and Julie both teach with Seesaw and Julie uses it with high school seniors.

Listening to this podcast you will be struck with how many ways the app can empower kids to reach beyond the walls of their classroom, There is even a great discussion of how the app actualy empowers kids. The interface is so simple and the design so straightforward that even pre-literate students can use the app the share their learning.


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About Seesaw

Seesaw is a student-driven digital portfolio that empowers students as young as 5 to showcase what they are learning at school. Seesaw seamlessly organizes students’ digital and physical work in one place, making it easy for teachers to refer back to for assessment or parent-teacher conferences. Seesaw also facilitates parent communication with real-time notifications, giving parents a glimpse of their child’s day and an opportunity to support learning at home.

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About our Guests

Julie Jacobs

Julie teaches in Ellinwood, KS, which is in its third year of a K-12 1:1 iPad initiative.  She appreciates teaching in such a technology-rich environment and is constantly looking for ways to let both big kids and little kids find innovative and creative ways to show what they know!  She is a Seesaw ambassador, one of Twitter’s 100 Educators to Follow in Kansas, and has presented extensively at area conferences and workshops.  You can find her on Twitter @EHSMrsJ.

Angela Gadtke

Angela Gadtke taught kindergarten for 15 years and was one of the very first teachers to beta test Seesaw prior to its launch in December of 2015.  She has presented about technology and student voice at ISTE and several state conferences. Angela’s passions include literacy and integrating technology to help students communicate,  create,  and share their learning.

Angela now leads the community team at Seesaw. She works directly with Seesaw Ambassadors throughout the world, develops the PD in PJs professional development webinars, creates resources to support Seesaw teachers, and works with the product design team at Seesaw. You can follow Angela on Twitter @MrsGadtke.

Sophia Garcia-Smith

Sophia Garcia-Smith is a 2nd-grade teacher who loves to create, collaborate and share her love of teaching and technology. She currently works at a suburban Chicago school district. She has successfully hosted school-wide Hour of Code events, an annual district-wide Appy Hour and is a Seesaw Ambassador. She loves presenting at conferences where she shares her passion for the classroom. You can follow Sophia on Twitter: @Mrssmithop220


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