Introducing a FREE eMentoring program for students, teachers, and industry professionals from @CricketMediaInc

Learn how your 3rd through 5th graders can take advantage of a brand new FREE eMentoring experience that will have your students collaborating with industry professionals in a safe, engaging, and COPPA friendly environment.

This year at ISTE 2017, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Cricket Media to discuss their new eMentoring platform called Cricket Together.  With Cricket Together, classroom are able to be pared up with industry professionals in just about any subject based on the students curriculum.

The platform is currently designed for students in 3rd through 5th grade who are looking to partner up with a mentor who together will spend a year reaching beyond the walls of their traditional classroom.

Cricket Together

What is Cricket Together?

CricketTogether™ is an exciting and innovative, turnkey eMentoring platform that offers corporate volunteers a meaningful and rewarding opportunity to engage with students and teachers in a safe and secure virtual learning environment that reaches far beyond the classroom.

Serving as eMentors, employees of partner companies are paired one-on-one with students to read intriguing articles and exchange online letters about what they’ve read and how it relates to the world around them. This unique and supportive virtual learning friendship encourages a deeper and lasting connection, empowering students to ask thought-provoking questions, embrace critical thinking, and develop a life-long love of learning while discovering a world of possibilities they never knew existed.

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