Every once in a while while working with teachers, I ask them about their use of Keyboard Shortcuts.  Of course, many teachers are aware of the basic Cut, Copy, Paste commands, but did you know that there a just a few more that are interesting and exciting and can be used every day in the classroom?

When it comes to working on lesson plans, working with students, or even simply getting daily productivity tasks done on your computer, it is essential to be as efficient as possible. When I work with students, I always throw in some quick Keyboard Shortcuts to get them thinking.

To help bring the world of Keyboard Shortcuts into your classroom, I have created a cheatsheet of basic and essential keyboard shortcuts that you can print out and hang in your room, pass out to your teachers, or share with your students.

These shortcuts are based on the Windows 10 platform, but they are (mostly) universal and if you are on a Mac, you can simply replace “control” for “command” in most cases.

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  1. It’s great to go digitally. I really appreciate the way of learning style with a new concept. Thanks for sharing.

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