3 Podcasting Equipment

More and more, as technology continues to advance and devices become more a part of student life school districts are turning towards creating authentic learning experiences that involve audio and video.  If your school is interested in creating morning announcements or starting a podcast for your learning community, here are three of my favorite items to recommend.

Video Recording

For many schools who are looking to get into video recordings, the iPad is the best solution. It is small and lightweight and can be easily used by students of all grade levels.  If you are looking to use your iPad as a video recording device this year, there is no better product than the Podcaster.  Recently, Podcaster was identified as one of the TeacherCast “Best in Class” products to use in education.  It is a complete solution that can be customized for any situation.

If you are looking to purchase a Padcaster this year, there are several great places to do so.  My favorites are Amazon, Eduporiumpadcaster.com/education or email sales@padcaster.com

Audio Recording

There are several great microphones available for devices of all styles.  For students who are looking for both great audio capture and playback, I suggest looking at the Califone GH507 headsets.  One of the reasons I recommend this particular set of headphones is because it is very durable and comfortable for students to use.  It comes complete with both a regular audio input as well as a converter to USB so you can plug them into just about any device needed as well as a detachable microphone.  For a complete list of specs on this great set of headphones, visit Califone today.


There are several great solutions for you to edit and publish your audio and video projects. For many on Chromebooks, WeVideo provides a simple solution that connects directly into Google Drive.  There are other alternatives for both Mac and PC users that are in many ways head and shoulders above all others.  Recently, two of these apps were also identified as TeacherCast “Best in Class.”

Telestream Screenflow is a favorite screen casting application for many professional podcasters.  It provides a simple to use interface that allows users to record both a computer screen as well as a front facing web cam and comes complete with easy to publish exporting options. Read our full review today!

Camtasia on the other hand is one of the best video publishing applications used in education today. One of my favorite features of Camtasia is it's ease of use when creating videos with closed captioning.  Read our full review today!

What equipment is your school using?

As you can see, there are several options when it comes to building a mini recording studio for your school district.  I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on this topic.  What resources do you recommend? Please leave a comment below.


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