5 Makerspace Products

So, you’ve gotten past the first week or so and now you’re ready to lead some serious learning. If you haven’t set up a makerspace with the best tools inside, though, you won’t be able unlock those high levels of learning yet. And, don’t worry. We’ve teamed up with Eduporium and done a lot of the work for you.

At Eduporium, they know that setting up an in-school or afterschool makerspace can be a bit daunting for teachers. There’s the cost factor, the challenge of literally finding a space, and the daunting task of determining the best maker products to fill it with. You could go the design-rich route and create a space that empowers kids to create and construct cool designs. Or, you could go their preferred route and fill it with MakerEd technologies that get kids working with their hands, collaborating, and innovating all in one.

If you choose to go with the latter, Eduporium has five of the best to help you get your new school off to a hot start.

Dash and Dot

What good is a makerspace without some robotics and coding? Not only do the dynamic duo of Dash and Dot help kids learn about these important concepts, they’re able to boost their creativity and weave in some maker-minded fun as well. Dash and Dot can be programmed to slide around together or separately, but the real fun comes into play when kids program them to complete mazes or other types of courses. And, if they’re in a makerspace, that’s the perfect place to gather some supplies and construct a course for Dash and Dot to find their way through!

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littleBits Code Kit

For even more coding, the experts at Eduporium recommend the new littleBits Code Kit for Back to School fun. Like Dash and Dot, the Code Kit combines a couple of relevant 21st century elements to create a highly engaging learning experience that can take place anywhere. With littleBits, kids get the constant challenge of constructing functional circuits. Throw in the added wrinkle of coding and there are tons of opportunities for students to develop real-world skills while they control the actions of their inventions through simple codes they create on the Web!

Ozobot Evo

What’s a makerspace without high levels of student collaboration? You won’t know what that’s like if you use the Ozobot Evo in yours this school year. The new version of the Ozobot is the first social robot designed for use by young students. It can still follow lines and colors just like the original Ozobot, but opens up a truly social learning experience perfect for any classroom makerspace. Teach kids coding in a way that’s both new and exciting for them using the highly interactive and intelligent Ozobot Evo!

MakerBot Mini

If you’re the manufacturing type, the MakerBot Mini is an affordable 3D printer that’s both fast and easy for kids to use. They can design and create tangible objects with an impressive amount of size all while they get comfortable with MakerBot’s easy-to-use design software. If you want a makerspace that’s filled with active learning, MakerBot helps make that happen and more. Not only can kids team up to engage in designing 3D printed parts and objects, they can then brainstorm authentic ways to use what they print to solve a problem in their home, school, or community!

Sphero SPRK+

And, finally we have the Sphero robot – a spherical robot that gives kids yet another way to learn programming in the makerspace. Sphero is different, though. Kids can control its every move using a touchpad-style controller in the Sphero app and use it to explore all different STEM concepts. Take physics, for example. Sphero can move at pretty fast speeds, so students can use it to learn about acceleration, velocity, and speed while they have fun. Or, they can put their maker hats back on and design ramps, jumps, and more for Sphero to soar off while they measure the angle of its launch and the distance it travels! There’s much more kids can do with Sphero than just robotics and coding.

You know what the best part is? You DO NOT need to navigate to five different websites, drive to five different stores, or place five different orders to get these must-add makerspace products. All you have to do is visit Eduporium, type the names of the products you want in the search bar that appears on the homepage, select the result of the product you want, and add it to your cart.

You can even apply your Educator Discount to your purchase if you’ve created an Educator Discount account with Eduporium OR get these five products at a special Back to School rate through Sept. 15. Check out Eduporium now to help get your makerspace started or add some new toys for the new school year!

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