October is @SamPatue Birthday Month . . . Here’s everything you need to know.

Welcome to my birthday month

I have always enjoyed October,  it starts with my birthday and ends with Halloween. What is not to like? I have been wondering when I blogged last and it isn’t good.  I have some nice drafts in the hopper. One on reading and ScrathJr (Did you see that ipads can screen record now!) and another one on Apron making, and a third on multiplicity. That isn’t counting the things I have thought about but haven’t written yet (The operative fiction of the class set, Classroom management and 3 other myths that take teachers down, how to eat lunch for less than 2 dollars a day, How to apologize to a student).

So this piece carries none of that weight. Those amazing topics, nothing on them here. What? Yes, well this is just a post about it finally being my birthday month.

I am not writing about the summer program we are planning (!!) a month of themed weeks. In the morning we work towards the theme, in the afternoon we will be working on independent maker projects. I am not writing about the challenge of keeping the themed work on track while providing individual help in the afternoons. I am not writing about how jazzed 2 of my campers from last summer were when I told them what we had in the works.

I am just reminding everybody that October is fun and the 4th is my birthday.  I am not writing about toy hacking and all the upcoming conferences and events #SGVCUE , Fablearn conference at Stanford both this month. I am not writing about the books I ordered to make sure I have some on-hand to sell and sign.

I hope you have some fun plans made for October and drop me a line, let’s connect.

When is your birthday?

We would love to know when you celebrate your birthday . . .  leave a comment below.


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