What Is TeacherCast All About?

Hello and welcome to TeacherCast.  In 2011, I created TeacherCast as a way to help me curate resources for teachers and students to help them learn how to use educational technology in their classrooms.  It started with a concept that eventually grew into a globally recognized brand.  I am truly honored and humbled by all of the support the that the educational community has given me, my family, and TeacherCast over the last 5 years.  I hope that you take a moment and bookmark TeacherCast and sign up for our weekly newsletter.

The TeacherCast Philosophy

We understand that our students learn aurally, visually, and kinesthetically. Wouldn't it make sense that we as adults learn that way too? For this very reason, TeacherCast was built for all learners and all ages. We have hundreds of pieces of written content for you to enjoy, hundreds of hours of video content and also provide personalized learning on site for you and your school needs.

For the last 5 years, the TeacherCast Educational Broadcasting Network has served educational conventions worldwide by providing on site live broadcasting to thousands of educators each week. Jeff is the host of the TeacherCast PodcastEducational Podcasting Today and the TechEducator Podcast. Outside of TeacherCast, Jeff also hosts and produces podcasts for the New Jersey Education Association and Morgan’s Fund and is one of the new hosts of the ASCD Podcast featured soon on the BAM! Radio Network.

Who Is Jeff Bradbury?

Jeffrey Bradbury, author of Kidblog: An Introduction to Blogging With Your Students, is the creator of TeacherCast.netTeacherCast University, and Educational Podcasting Today. He is an ASCD Emerging Leader, Google Certified Teacher, Google Education Trainer, PBS Learning Media Digital Innovator, Microsoft Innovative Educator, Microsoft Surfice Expert, speaker, writer, podcaster, broadcaster, consultant, and educational media specialist. He is currently the Coordinator for Technology Integration for the Westwood Regional School District in New Jersey.

In 2012, Jeff was recognized as one of top 50 educators using social media at the first ever Bammy Awards and has been nominated three times in the category of Innovator of the Year. Jeff has Keynoted for the Pearson Authentic Learning Conference, EdTechNJ, and most recently at Columbia University’s Teacher College and Podcast Mid-Atlantic.

Jeff earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree from West Chester University in Pennsylvania. In his free time, Jeff enjoys teaching, web design, broadcasting, playing viola and violin, conducting, and spending time with his wife Jennifer and their two year old triplets.

What Will You Find On TeacherCast?

  • Learn To Podcast
  • Web Design Tips
  • Technology/ Pedagogy
  • How To...
  • Google EDU
  • Apple EDU
  • Microsoft EDU
  • Coding/Programming
  • Apps and Extensions

Top 1000 Educational Blogs

Top 1000 Educational Blogs

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