Are you ready to go Beyond the #HourofCode … with @SamPatue

In this episode, we take you Beyond the Hour of Code with author and Coding expert Dr. Sam Patterson. Learn how you can bring programing into your classroom just in time to celebrate the Hour of Code.
Robots in 2nd Grade STEM

Programming Robots in 2nd Grade STEM by @SamPatue

The more I collaborate with great teachers the more I am convinced that teaching is a team sport.  I am lucky this year because I get to work with Megan, the STEM coordinator for...

Puppets Tell Jokes: Make America Laugh Again by @SamPatue

The World Needs Puppets Tells Jokes and Puppets Tell Jokes is here to help!

What can we learn about STEM Education … FROM the Robotics? | by @SamPatue

Hello, I am Sam Patterson and this is Beyond The Hour of Code, a podcast dedicated to helping teachers use programming and creative self-expression in the learning experiences they design for their students. This...

Top 6 Innovation Platforms for Primary and Middle School STEAM by @SamPatue

Looking for great ideas about supporting primary and middle grade innovation? This episode of Beyond the Hour of Code is about innovation. . . Robot as Innovation Engine Most of the robots discussed so far have been...

How can we use Robots to Teach Language Arts in our primary grades? By...

Here is another installment from my programming podcast "Beyond the Hour of Code" This episode is about . . . Chapter seven of my book exploring the instructional models most useful for robot-based ELA...
Open Caption Videos

Top 3 Reasons to Open Caption your School Videos by @SamPatue

Learn how to add essential accessibility features to your screencasts such as Close Captioning using Techsmith Camtasia.

Pre K- 6 Scope and Sequence for Design Thnking Class by @SamPatue

I'm Sam Patterson and Welcome to MyPaperless Classroom, this is part 3 of a 3 part discussion of my Makerspace curriculum. What follows is a grade by grade description of our plan for skill...

How can we create a curriculum for our Maker Spaces? by @SamPatue

This is the 2nd video in a 3 part series on curriculum design for my PreK-6 makerspace The kids will be in the classroom before I finish producing this podcast- but what will we be doing? ...

What do I Teach in a Pre K-6 Makerspace? by @SamPatue

Hello, I am Sam Patterson, welcome to My Paperless Classroom. This year's adventure is designing a hands on learning curriculum for 8 different grade levels PreK-6th. A Plan? A Plan! Nothing is built from whole cloth, which...

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