Educational Podcasting Tips and Tricks

WordPress Questions

4 important questions to ask when considering WordPress

For over a year now, WordPress has been the chosen website publishing tool for me.  Why?  Why Not... It can do anything that I...

Tips and Tricks for Multi-Host Podcasts

In todays episode, we explore and examine the inner workings of podcasting cohosts.
15 WP Plugins for Podcasters

15 WordPress Audio and Video Plugins for Podcasters

15 WordPress Audio Video Plugins for Podcasters that can be used on your WordPress Self Hosted Website compiled by Educational Podcasting Today!

How Can We Use WordPress To Create Our School District Website?

In todays show, we ask the question “How can our school districts use WordPress as our main website platform?”

What Makes Your Podcast Awesome?

Jeff sits down with to talk about what makes a great podcast awesome!

What is the difference between doing a podcast and doing a radio show?

Rob Greenly from the New Media Show stops by the show to discuss the differences between Radio and Podcasting.

Google QuickTip: Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts Through ONE Gmail Address | By @SamPatue

In this video tutorial, you will learn a hidden but very powerful feature inside of your gmail accounts that will help you manage your social media accounts.

An Educators Guide to Educational Audio and Video

Are you an educator? Are you interested in learning how to podcast?  There are several great reasons to start a podcast.  Perhaps you are...
Podcasting Sway

Learn How @SWAY Can Teach You About Podcasting |#MIEExpert

This year at ISTE, Microsoft Innovative Educators learned how to create podcasts with their students.
Top 10 Educational Podcasters

The TeacherCast Top 10 Educational Podcasters

Here is a non sequential list of 10 of my favorite educational podcasters. Please take a moment this week to listen to their shows and follow them on Twitter. |

Parent Communication… using WordPress

Jeff sits down with Syed Balkhi from to discuss how WordPress can be used as a communication tool between teachers and parents, as well as how it can be used as a powerful digital portfolio tool.

7 Podcasting Mistakes Every Podcaster Should Avoid

My laptop (recording equipment) +my Wi-fi + my constant jabbering = My Awesome Podcast! Sorry to pop your bubble, but that really isn’t all it...