Educational Podcasting Tips and Tricks


How to Tear Down and Setup Your Podcasting Studio (Part 1)

In this first video, we take you through the original setup for the TeacherCast Studios and show you how we will be building a new room @TeacherCast
What Not To Do While Podcasting

So You Wanna Be A Podcaster? Helpful Tips and Tricks from 5 Years of...

I promise this won't be a rant on the podcasting world. I promise this will not be negative sounding in any way. I do promise that if you are interested in taking your podcast to the next level, you will need to seriously consider some of these points as sage advice from a guy who has recorded literally hundreds of podcasts.

I’ve Created a Podcast… Now What???

Thank You For Your Podcast Reviews Are you enjoying the TechEducator Podcast or other shows on the TeacherCast Network, please share your thoughts with...
An Educators Guide to Podcasting and Broadcasting

An Educators Guide to Podcasting and Broadcasting

An Educators Guide to Podcasting and Broadcasting by @TeacherCast from Jeffrey Bradbury Are you interested in Podcasting or Live Broadcasting with your...
Intro to WordPressvideo

Intro to WordPress

Jeff sits down with Dustin Hartzler to talk about Wordpress. Wordpress is a free website creation tool where teachers can set up a dynamic and engaging class website.

Parent Communication… using WordPress

Jeff sits down with Syed Balkhi from to discuss how WordPress can be used as a communication tool between teachers and parents, as well as how it can be used as a powerful digital portfolio tool.

Why Should You Be Using WordPress For Your Website?

In this show, Jeff sits down with Justin Beader from the PrincipalCenter Podcast to discuss why WordPress is the best publishing platform for an educational podcast.

Learn how to create a WordPress Website in less than 20 minutes.

Please contact TeacherCast with any Questions or to become a guest on the show Host: Jeff Bradbury@TeacherCast Email: Voice Mail: YouTube: iTunes: Watch LIVE: | Broadcasting ScheduleTeacherCast Broadcasting Community: Interested in starting your own...
Choosing Podcasting Blog Domain Name or How to Choose The Best Domain Name For Your Website

In this post, we take a look at several key decisions that you will make when choosing the proper domain for your blog or podcasting website.

7 Podcasting Mistakes Every Podcaster Should Avoid

My laptop (recording equipment) +my Wi-fi + my constant jabbering = My Awesome Podcast! Sorry to pop your bubble, but that really isn’t all it...

Learning How To Edit Your Podcasts Using Audacity

In this episode of Educational Podcasting Today, we talk to Steve Steward from and learn how you can use Audacity to podcast for FREE!

An Educators Guide to Educational Audio and Video

Are you an educator? Are you interested in learning how to podcast?  There are several great reasons to start a podcast.  Perhaps you are...