Planning on taking your students abroad… why not start a podcast!

Field Trip Time! It's that time of year when students look forward to class trips. Sure you can take the traditional trip to your local...

Tips and Tricks for Multi-Host Podcasts

In todays episode, we explore and examine the inner workings of podcasting cohosts.

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Tips and Tricks for creating a Perfect Class Website

Welcome to the seventh episode of the Tech Educator Podcast hosted by Jeff Bradbury, Sam Patterson, Jeff Herb and Jon Samuelson.  The Tech Educator...
Podcasting Studio Equipment

TeacherCast Guide To Building a Podcasting Studio

In this post, learn about some of the Podcasting Studio Equipment I use to create the TeacherCast Educational Broadcasting Network.
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Which Commenting Plugin runs your WordPress Podcasting Website?

In this post, you will learn my two favorite WordPress commenting plugins that are perfect for your educational podcasting website.

Learn Why You Should Be Using The PowerPress Plugin For Your WordPress Website

Jeff sits down with Todd Cochrane to discuss Podcasting SEO and the Blubrry Powerpress Podcasting Plugin for your WordPress website.
Creating Podcasting Titles and Headers

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WordPress Guru Suzette Franck from the WPWaterCooler Podcasts stops by the show to share some amazing WordPress tips and tricks.

14 Great iPad Apps for the Educational Podcast Creator or Consumer

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15 WP Plugins for Podcasters

15 WordPress Audio and Video Plugins for Podcasters

15 WordPress Audio Video Plugins for Podcasters that can be used on your WordPress Self Hosted Website compiled by Educational Podcasting Today!

How to Tear Down and Setup Your Podcasting Studio (Part 1)

In this first video, we take you through the original setup for the TeacherCast Studios and show you how we will be building a new room @TeacherCast