5 Reasons to Start your own podcast

5 Reasons to Start Your Own Educational Podcast

Welcome to the brand new podcast: Educational Podcasting Today. This show will help you learn how to create a great podcast and host it using WordPress.

Creating Your First Podcasting Studio

In todays episode, we speak with The Wired Educator, Kelly Croy, and learn how he created his own podcast this past year. Additionally, Jeff shares some tips and tricks that he learned when creating his new podcasting studio.

Should We Edit Our Own Podcasts, or Let The Experts Do It? | @WeEditPodcasts

In this episode, we meet Carli van Heerden, founder of WeEditPodcasts.com. Together, we discuss tips and tricks on how to create and produce perfectly edited podcasts and how you can set your show up for success with both your listeners, and Google.

How Can We Use WordPress To Create Our School District Website?

In todays show, we ask the question “How can our school districts use WordPress as our main website platform?”
15 WP Plugins for Podcasters

15 WordPress Audio and Video Plugins for Podcasters

15 WordPress Audio Video Plugins for Podcasters that can be used on your WordPress Self Hosted Website compiled by Educational Podcasting Today!
TeacherCast Top 10 WordPress Plugins

TeacherCast Top 10 WordPress Plugins To Start Your Own #WordPress Blog

When starting out your first WordPress.org website, consider these 10 plugins to get your site quickly up and running.

What Is The Best Way To Record Skype Audio For My Podcast?

Learn how to record your audio and video Skype conversations using SKYPE Call Recorder from ECAMM.

How Can We Create Podcasts In Our Classroom?

In this weeks episode, the TechEducators discuss Podcasting from all corners. Learn how to create, use, and distribute podcasts in your classroom today!
Podcasting Sway

Learn How @SWAY Can Teach You About Podcasting |#MIEExpert

This year at ISTE, Microsoft Innovative Educators learned how to create podcasts with their students.
Creating Podcasting Titles and Headers

Learn Tips and Ticks for Managing the Big 3 Social Sites to Grow Your...

How do your market your podcast? Are you creating not only the right content for your audience, but the right marketing strategy for getting your name out into the various popular social media sites? Learn tips and ticks for managing the big 3 social sites to grow your podcast audience.
Educational Podcasting Today Episode 19video

What Happens When @WPBlab and @TeacherCast Interview Each Other?

This week I am thrilled to present a very special edition of Educational Podcasting Today. In this episode, Jason Tucker from WPBlab and WPWater Cooler and I shared a live Blab session where we each had an opportunity to discuss our philosophies on WordPress, Podcasting, and running a digital media network.

Become a WordPress Website Engineer Today!

Educational Podcasting Today is a weekly podcast that celebrates podcasters and podcasting. It’s mission is to help educators learn how to create podcasts and amazing...