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I am not Trending, and Neither are my Interests by @SamPatue

This is a bloggy blog . . . no lessons or ideas here, just some unreasonable statements and questionable language about the current state...
Dot and Dash from Wonder Workshop

Learning about Dot and Dash from @WonderWorkshop

Bryan Miller joins TeacherCast to talk about Dot and Dash from Wonder Workshop | By using free apps and an iPad or iPhone, you can make Dot and Dash sing, dance, and navigate around your classroom.
Project Based Learning

What is Project Based Learning? | Featuring @RossCoops31 #hackpbl

In this episode of the TechEduactor Podcast, we invite Apple Distinguished Educator, Google Certified Innovator, and author, Ross Cooper onto the program to discuss his new book Hacking Project Based Learning.
Creating Meaningful Professional Development

How Can We Create Meaningful and Engaging Professional Development for all Staff Members?

In this episode of the TechEduactor Podcast, we invite Cate Tolnai and our friends from Kyte Learning to discuss all things Professional Development.

The 7 DEADLY SINS of Podcasting

Learn 7 proven strategies for growing your podcast and gaining podcast subscribers. Watch our YouTube video to learn the secret 8th sin!
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