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Why should every student take a coding class before graduating?

Computer coding is, arguably, the most ubiquitous language of the world we live in. It’s odd, then, that computer science in general, and coding...

Why is it important for students to learn STEM, Coding, and Programming? @MicrosoftEdu |...

STEM, Coding, and Programming are just some of the topics included in a solid Computer Science Curriculum. Learn more today! | TeacherCast.net
Teach Kids To Code

Why We Need to Teach Kids How to Code

Did you know that STEM education is not just about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math? By laying a solid foundation of critical thinking skills, we are creating well rounded members of society.

A Teachers Crash Course in Coding and Programming using @Scratch by @SamPatue

Have you ever thought about bringing the Scratch programming language into your classroom? In this episode, we show you how easy it can be to introduce STEM education into your curriculum.

Learning About Coding and Programming . . . One Block at a Time with...

On todays episode of the TeacherCast Podcast, I welcome educator Dan Rezac from Tynker.com on to discuss STEM Education and how Tynker is offering educators a FREE professional development opportunity called the Blue Ribbon Educator Program.
Coding in 2017

How Can Coding Teach My Students … To Be Better Students?

As we look ahead and make our resolutions, we shouldn't forget to look back and see where we just were and build on those skills inside our classrooms.
Computer Science Education Weekvideo

How Can We Infuse Coding into Every Curriculum? | Featuring @CSNYC @Jay_Eitner

With the help of CSNYC, more than 1.1 MILLION students are learning about Computer Science subjects such as Coding and Programming. In this episode, we learn the reasons why Computer Science Education is paramount for all of our students in all of our subject areas.

#HourofCode: What Can Your Students Accomplish with @Scratch & @Neprisapp

In this episode of the TechEducator Podcast, we welcome on members from the Scratch and Nepris teams to discuss how easy it is to get your students prepared for their futures through easy to use applications that will unlock a world of possibilities for them.

Learning How To Code in EVERY Classroom! By @SamPatue

The hour of code school wide challenge of “can we get every student to code for one hour” is a great starting point. This...
Students Coding in the Classroom

What is the value of teaching Coding to our young students? | By @sarah_daren

Coding is a skill that anyone can learn, and it's a huge part of many different career paths. Knowing basic coding skills will be essential in the future, and teaching kids to code in the classroom can make a huge difference in their cognitive abilities and future opportunities.
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