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Without Mentioning It, Google Silently Released a Pretty Awesome Video Editor

Are you looking for a simple video editing tool to use with your students for that once and done classroom project? Google Slides just might be the perfect fit.

NEW FEATURE: Add Google Drive Videos into Google Slides Presentations!

Starting Today, Teachers can create student safe video content and right from inside of Google Drive, present these videos inside of Google Slides Presentations

Using Google Classroom for Teacher Lesson Plans and Student Coding Activities

Are you truly using Google Classroom to it's fullest? In this podcast. we welcome OpenEd and Tynker on the program to share new and exciting ways to use Google Classroom this school year.

Learn how Google Slides can Create Awesome Animation Projects! | by @SamPatue

Did you know that you can create classic cell by cell animations in Google slide and use the auto-play slide show to share them with your audience?
Google Slides in the Classroom

Creative Ways of using Google Slides

On this episode of Ask The Tech Coach, we examine how Google Slides can be used in ways other than your typical PowerPoint substitute. Join Jeff and Rob as we showcase how one school in New Jersey is turning Google Slides into Google Frames.

Using Google Sites and Student Portfolios For Superior Student Achievement

Learn how to create student and teacher portfolios using Google Sites. For more information, please visit TechEducatorPodcast.com | @TechEdShow

Creative Ways of using Google Presentations with your Students

In this session, we are going to learn how to use Google Presentations in a more creative and collaborative format than you have ever imagined!
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