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BookWidgets Google Classroom Update

@iBookwidgets now allows users to create crossword puzzles, flashcards and more right from #GoogleClassroom!

Learn how to create the ultimate digital classroom by combining BookWidgets and Google Classroom!

What’s New in the world of Google Maps, MyMaps, and Google Earth?

In this episode of the TechEducator Podcast, we look at the new Google Earth, MyMaps and Google Tour Builder and share our tips for using these tools.

How can we effectively teach Google Tools to our Young Learners?| @PintoBeanz11 #GAFE4Littles

On this episode, we welcome Kindergarten teacher Christine Pinto to discuss tips, tricks, and strategies for helping our young learners master Google Apps.

Toontastic: Providing Storytellers of all ages a Megaphone for their Creativity

In this episode of the TeacherCast App Spotlight, we learn how easy it is to create creative animated storytelling lessons using Toontastic 3D. By following a simple format, students can bring their imaginations to life with the touch of their fingers.
8 Chromebook Videos

8 Helpful Videos About Chromebooks From Your Friends At Google!

In these 8 fantastic videos from Google, you will learn a little something about your new Chromebooks.
How to Podcast on a Chromebook

Create Podcasts With Your Students On Chromebooks With These Two Free Applications

Check out these two free audio recording applications with your students to create podcast recordings and other educational assignments this year.
What's New in Google Apps for Education

8 Apps That Should Be On Your Mobile Device in 2017

Check out these 8 great apps from Google in 2017 to speed up your day and save the batteries on your mobile device.

3 Ways of Finding and Opening Google Forms

Did you know that there are several great ways of locating and opening up your Google forms?
Sharing Settings in G-Suite

Understanding G-Suite File and Folder Sharing Settings

By understanding Document Sharing settings in G-Suite, you can create dynamic projects without the worry of having others edit your documents.
Embedding Google into WordPress

2 Ways to Embed your Google Apps into your WordPress Website

The other day, I was working with teachers on their WordPress websites and the topic of embedding Google Apps content on your website came...
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