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Coding in 2017

How Can Coding Teach My Students … To Be Better Students?

As we look ahead and make our resolutions, we shouldn't forget to look back and see where we just were and build on those skills inside our classrooms.
Computer Science Education Weekvideo

How Can We Infuse Coding into Every Curriculum? | Featuring @CSNYC @Jay_Eitner

With the help of CSNYC, more than 1.1 MILLION students are learning about Computer Science subjects such as Coding and Programming. In this episode, we learn the reasons why Computer Science Education is paramount for all of our students in all of our subject areas.

#HourofCode: What Can Your Students Accomplish with @Scratch & @Neprisapp

In this episode of the TechEducator Podcast, we welcome on members from the Scratch and Nepris teams to discuss how easy it is to get your students prepared for their futures through easy to use applications that will unlock a world of possibilities for them.
Learning about the Hour of Code

5 Resources to Inspire Students During Computer Science Education Week by @sarah_daren

For many students, computer science is a daunting field. Getting them excited at school is a great way to foster the next generation of...

Learning How To Code in EVERY Classroom! By @SamPatue

The hour of code school wide challenge of “can we get every student to code for one hour” is a great starting point. This...

Are you ready to go Beyond the #HourofCode … with @SamPatue

In this episode, we take you Beyond the Hour of Code with author and Coding expert Dr. Sam Patterson. Learn how you can bring programing into your classroom just in time to celebrate the Hour of Code.
Programming and Music Education

2 Great Trinkets for Programming Music with Chromebooks by @SamPatue

Thinking about how to make Hour of Code accessible to my music teacher I was playing around with Trinket.io and their Music trinket. By @SamPatue

Learn all about Microsoft Education and the Hour of Code for your students @Microsoft_EDU...

I recently have the pleasure of sitting down with Cameron Evans, the Chief Technology Officer for Microsoft Education to discuss how Microsoft and Code.org...
Teaching Your Students About Coding

Getting Started Coding With Your Classroom

In this episode, Jeff sits down with Todd Beard and Sam Patterson to learn how classrooms can take that first leap into the awesome world of Coding. Join us, as we dive into the Hour of Code and Beyond on TeacherCast Podcast 122.

What is Steam Punk Education?

In this episode, we take a look at the CUE Steam Punk Movement with our friends Jon Corippo, Doug Robertson and Brian Briggs. Learn how you can bring STEAM into your classroom today!
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