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How can Scratch Programming teach students to read?

Numbers, learning to read and write is a numbers game. It is all about the number of words you hear and have an opportunity...

Why is it important for students to learn STEM, Coding, and Programming? @MicrosoftEdu |...

STEM, Coding, and Programming are just some of the topics included in a solid Computer Science Curriculum. Learn more today! | TeacherCast.net

Hack Your Baseball Hat! Classroom Wearable Tech and DIY by @SamPatue

There is something really exciting about the idea of wearable technology. When I started learning about microcomputers like Arduino and Raspberry PI, I was...

Learning About Coding and Programming . . . One Block at a Time with...

On todays episode of the TeacherCast Podcast, I welcome educator Dan Rezac from Tynker.com on to discuss STEM Education and how Tynker is offering educators a FREE professional development opportunity called the Blue Ribbon Educator Program.

Learning How To Code in EVERY Classroom! By @SamPatue

The hour of code school wide challenge of “can we get every student to code for one hour” is a great starting point. This...
Robots in 2nd Grade STEM

Programming Robots in 2nd Grade STEM by @SamPatue

The more I collaborate with great teachers the more I am convinced that teaching is a team sport.  I am lucky this year because...

Programming for Creative Self-expression on Chromebooks by @SamPatue

I love Chromebooks because they make the work of dedicated programmers available to kids in classrooms all over the world. In Episode 6 of...

All Kids Can Program with Blockly by @SamPatue

Programming apps have developed to the point that any teacher of any student can find a great app to support learning.
Programming for prereaders

Kids Who Can’t Read Can Program by @SamPatue

In episode four of the hottest elementary programming podcast, until Vicky Sedgwick launches a podcast, Beyond the Hour of Code, The focus is on how programming can support learning for students who cannot yet read.

Teach Programming Skills To Students Through the Art of Dance

When you are working on learning about sequence in programming, have the students build small sequences of steps to create a dance.
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