What's HOT in EdTech

Scratching the Surface Part 1

Don’t Mind Me … I’m Just Scratching the Surface

This year marks a very special year for TeacherCast.  In July, I will be celebrating 5 years of creating podcasts, app reviews, and other nifty tidbits on this very website.  I have been very...
6 ways not to use augmented reality

6 Absolutely Wrong Ways of Using Augmented Reality to Transform Classroom

If you are a teacher who is excited about the latest EdTech trends and Augmented Reality technology, that’s wonderful! Just be sure to avoid a few of the following mistakes.
Receive Web Notifications in Drive

Google Drive Receives Notifications For Docs, Sheets,

Starting today, Google Drive users working on Chrome can receive notifications whenever a file or folder has been manipulated by another user.
StoryboardThat Digital Citizenship

How Can @StoryboardThat Help Teach Our Students About Digital Citizenship?

Learn how to teach Digital Citizenship through the amazing resources and lessons found on StoryboardThat.com | TeacherCast.net
Top 10 Educational Podcasters

The TeacherCast Top 10 Educational Podcasters

Here is a non sequential list of 10 of my favorite educational podcasters. Please take a moment this week to listen to their shows and follow them on Twitter. | TeacherCast.net