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2gnoMe: Creating a Personalized Learning Platform for Teachers based on Data-Driven Technology Standards.

2gnoMe LIVE from ISTE 2018

Is your school district looking to personalize learning for teachers?  Or perhaps you are an Instructional Technology Coach looking to keep your staff members organized in what they may or may not be able to do in the classroom.

This year at ISTE, I had the opportunity to sit down with Ilya Zeldin, CEO of a fantastic company called 2gnōME.  An award-winning company, 2gnōME is a technology platform that provides personalized learning plans for teachers based on their skills, strengths, and gaps.

Through the 2gnōME platform, teachers are able to take a close look at their current skillset and see how they compare not only to others in their district but to teachers across the entire platform.

What does this mean for school districts?

By implementing 2gnōME district-wide, school administrators have the ability to provide personalized support for individual teachers instead of simply relying on large group instruction during PD days. Backed by, and supporting the ISTE standards, everything about 2gnoMe is data driven and results oriented.  This means that schools can make the best choice about professional development for their teachers and choose the right areas to spend their money.

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How are you providing personalized professional learning for your teachers?

We would love to have you share how you as a district leader or tech coach are keeping track of your teachers professional development.  Please share your comments below.

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